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Occupational Safety & Health Management Systems.

Preserving the life & health of the human resources is the key successful aspect of any business.

Human life & health is the basic base of the sustainability. We, from GlobalSHEQ, understand that the preservation of human life and health (physical, social, emotional, psychological) is the key factor for a successful and sustainable business. Human resources are the most valuable asset of any business, and to take adequate care of them should be the value of any business. Following this principle and others updated management principles, we understand that any business should identify and retain the business knowledge (intelligence). We provide the systemic structure to any business to develop these occupational health and safety systems (based on traditional protocols such as OHSAS 18001, NOSA CMB 253,NOSA CMB 303 and International Cyanide Management Protocols for minings, transporters and hazardous chemical products producers) and also for knowledge management systems.

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We deliver services in Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Oceania. Our professionals are able to deliver services in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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