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EHS Due Diligence (DD).

EHS Due Diligence is essential to support smarter investments and decisions in Merger and Aquisition Process.

EHS due diligence is a process that helps an organization to identify risks, limit liability and reduce the price of a transaction. It also provides the opportunity to identify future performance improvements. The true cost, value or impact of environmental, health, and safety management rarely appear on the financial statements of a business.
Our experience allows us to anticipate issues, enabling them to be pro-actively addressed before transaction time-lines are impacted. Our professionals also identify strengths and opportunities that can enhance the sale process and value of an investment where liabilities are identified and prioritized, and any corrective / preventive measures are priced accurately.
We conduct the EHS due diligence process based on the E1527 and E1528 standards (“Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I – Environmental Assessment Process Site”) of ASTM (“American Society for Testing and Materials”), with adapted enforcement to the local environmental and safety laws, rules and regulations, to clients EHS requirements and good practices of engineering and environmental control and health & safety.

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