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Ammonia (NH3) Code of Practice.

Management of Ammonia (NH3) – Risk Management

The intention of the Code is to assist operators of anhydrous ammonia storage and handling operations to assess their risk and take action to mitigate those risks. The Code is designed for use in conjunction with the Implementation Guide and appendices. These documents provide more definition of the requirements in the Code plus a description of identified best practices to improve risk management processes at the operation.
The Ammonia Code of Practice and its Implementation Guide and Appendices are intended to apply to the following segments of the ammonia industry:
• Road transportation.
• Rail transportation.
• Storage and handling operations including fixed and temporary facilities.
• Associated facilities such as equipment storage areas.
• On-farm end use (voluntary basis).

GlobalSHEQ profissionals are able to perform baseline audits and training activities related to the Ammonia (NH3) Management Protocol, including consumers and transporters of Ammonia (NH3).

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