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With our team of recognized experiences and solid knowledge, the Global SHEQ operates in 14 areas of expertise in worldwide.

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Hazard Identification and Risk Evaluation (HIRE)

We truly believe, based on our experience, that a successful management system starts…

International Cyanide Management Code ( the "code")

A United Nations Organization recognized program focusing the sustainability, the preservation…

Earth Moving Equipment (EME) Operators Re-qualification and Refresh Training.

A qualified and adequately trained EME operator impacts positively in…

Emergency Response And Preparedness Management System.

An effective emergency response and preparedness management system…

Development of Major Hazards Standards.

Every single day somebody dies because is exposed to a major hazard.

Quality Management Systems.

The “QUALITY” of all business aspects is the base for the success.

Occupational Safety & Health Management Systems.

Preserving the life & health of the human resources is the key successful…

Environmental Management Systems.

To preserve and conserve the environment we are included in, is a key factor for a sustainable business.

Aerospace and Defense Quality Management Systems - AS 9100D

The aerospace and defense industry rely on suppliers that implement…

Water Resources Management.

“As we enter the Twenty-First Century a global water crisis is threatening the security, stability and environmental…

EHS Design Review.

The primary function of EHS design review is to ensure that facilities are designed and constructed to meet established safety, health and…

SHEQ Management for Contractors and Suppliers.

A win-win relationship between the organization and its suppliers…

EHS Due Diligence (DD).

EHS Due Diligence is essential to support smarter investments and decisions in Merger and Aquisition Process.

Environmental Liability Management.

Environmental recovery is an essential part of any business and must be…

Ammonia (NH3) Code of Practice.

Management of Ammonia (NH3) – Risk Management.

Safety and Health mentality: the main challenge!!

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