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Environmental Liability Management.

Environmental recovery is an essential part of any business and must be included in an effective environmental system and business strategies.

Managing environmental liability is a challenge for many companies. We assist and guide our clients in dealing with administrative and legal authorities for setting feasible action plans and negotiating deadlines and commitments in a transparent and accountable manner. The services provided by our professionals in this area of expertise include:
– Second opinion – critical review and technical review of reports produced by third parties;
– Assistance in the response to environmental agencies technical opinion and development of action plans in compliance with their technical requirements;
– Definition of strategies and negotiation with stakeholders;
– Assistance in making decision related to aspects of contamination and degradation, based on environmental risk degree identified;
– Technical assistance in the development of the company’s decommissioning plans, including the characterization of the current environmental situation of the project to be deactivated and the identification and characterization of all equipment, products, solid wastes and liquid effluents existing on site, as well as their adequate destination;
– Assistance in environmental accidents/ incidents and in the management of environmental liabilities through the planning of preventive and corrective actions and involved communication strategies .

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